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PES6 Comes Kicking And Screaming Into 2009!
Posted on 31 Mar 2009 by TheMoonRat
With the rebirth of PES6 via Goalserver comes an answer to one of the long standing problems playing an old football game; incorrect squads and stats. When Konami servers were running, we were able to update squads using existing players, but not update the stats or create new players. But that has all changed now, and from this I have created a very easy to use installer to bring the game up-to-date with transfers up to and including the 2009 January transfer window.

All the credit for creating the update goes to the fantastic efforts of the ISS Patch Team - and the online version was created by Ned-Rise. All I have done is package it up into a very easy to use installer that's brummie proof. Since once you have the update you can only play online verus others who also have the update, I have also created a tool to be able to switch between the old and new squads if required.

PES6 Makes A More Epic Comeback!
Posted on 19 Mar 2009 by TheMoonRat
Rising from the ashes in a fashion even more miraculous than Hull City's march up to the Premiership, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is back online! Thanks to the efforts of a clever chap known as RedDwarf, GoalServer6 lets us create a clone of the Konami server, so we can create one ourselves to play online! 1v1 and 2v2 are both supported, and it's proving popular in bringing old players back after the splinter in the community caused by the awfulness of pes2008 and pes2009.

It's very easy to get back up and running, just visit here to download a couple of apps I created, join the chatroom and someone can explain the rest to you!

PES4 Makes a Comeback!
Posted on 17 Feb 2009 by Biff
If Konami thought more of us would play PES 2009 after shutting down the PES 6 server they are sadly mistaken. For most people the only alternative is FIFA, however, if you still want a PES fix the best option is PES 4. PES 4 uses the same tried and tested engine as PES 6 and with direct IP connections it isn't as laggy as Konami's Japan based server which is used for the latest games.

We also still have the excellent PES4online launcher - co-created by our very own Moonrat aka Celeborn - to find opponents.

PES 4 still stands up as a good game and is well worth digging out if you have it. For more details on PES 4 and PES4online launcher, visit click here.

PES6 Down Again
Posted on 12 Feb 2009 by Biff
Konami have really taken the biscuit this time. Less than 24 hours after the PES6 server was switched back on they shut it off again. It looks like they are intent on alienating what remains of their fanbase. The majority of their previously loyal fans now seem to have jumped ship and swum to sunnier shores in FIFA 09.

PES6 Is Back!
Posted on 09 Feb 2009 by Biff
After a week with no service Konami have decided to switch back on their PES6 server. Maybe they now realise they alienated a lot of fans by removing online play from the last good title they made.

With the last two versions being almost impossible to play online due to lag issues this is a welcome move from Konami and hopefully a permanent one.

Season 11 Champions
Posted on 05 Sep 2008 by Biff
With only a few games left to play we now have clear winners of both divisions with Akaash taking the League A title and Markey topping League B.

Well done to both players! There will be a Champion of Champions match/tournament soon for both to contest.

Rossi Wins The PSL Cup
Posted on 28 Jul 2008 by Biff
Rossi has won the first trophy of the season with a 3-1 win over Sooty after extra time. For a full match report check out the forum.

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